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Why Magic Meals?

Do you want to eat healthier but just don't have the time? 


Do you wish someone could just make your food for you, so you don't have to spend your weekends planning, shopping, and food prepping?

If you're like most busy parents, you probably have great intentions to plan your meals and make healthy lunches to bring to work.

And then reality sets in and you have a hectic weekend and you're wiped by the time Sunday comes around!  You grab whatever is convenient throughout the week and hit the drive thru a little more than you'd like.

The veggies you meant to get chopped and ready for the week stay in the bottom drawer of the fridge and by Thursday you're telling yourself you should probably take those out and do something with them before they go bad.

Then a few days later you're tossing them into the garbage feeling guilty that you just wasted not only good veggies but also your hard earned money!

The good news is, there's a solution! Let us do it for you!

What Makes Us Different...

At Michelle's Magic Meals, we take pride in our fresh, wholesome ingredients without added chemicals, sodium or sugar.  We know your family's health is important and we also know there aren't many options for healthy, homemade meals that are quick and convenient.  

By ordering Magic Meals, you can guarantee your family is eating wholesome, nutritious foods that were prepared by someone who truly cares about your health and the quality of the food you are receiving. 

How it started...

My name is Michelle Walker, and I started Michelle's Magic Meals after becoming a health coach and nutritionist and seeing the need my clients had for healthy, prepared meals that they could grab and take to work.  I knew many of these busy moms had great intentions about their eating habits, but the reality of their busy lives would set in and they'd find themselves at the drive thru or grabbing a granola bar and calling it lunch.   


What started out as a few healthy lunches for busy moms has slowly turned into an online "restaurant" for busy families to order healthy food for the week so they can enjoy doing things they love most, and not spend hours every weekend in the kitchen in order to stick to their health goals.  

I want Magic Meals to inspire busy families to eat well, and in turn shape the next generation to be mindful of what they're eating and learn to love healthy foods.  In a society where so much of our food is processed and made for convenience, I want Magic Meals to help change the path to a future where healthy foods are a staple in every household.

To learn more about me and how I can help you with your healthy eating habits, be sure to check out my nutrition coaching site:

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