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School Lunches

Do chaotic mornings and the never-ending struggle of preparing school lunches leave you drained before the day even begins?


Say goodbye to the madness and embrace the convenience and healthiness of Magic Meal School Lunches!

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Elevate Your Mornings with Magic

Imagine waking up to a stress-free morning routine where lunch prep is no longer a battle. Our Magic Meal School Lunches are designed to bring a touch of enchantment to your mornings.

Healthy Delights, Every Time


We understand the importance of balanced nutrition for your little ones. Our nutritionist crafts each meal with a blend of wholesome ingredients, ensuring that your children enjoy the taste they love while receiving the nutrients they need.

Abracadabra, No Prep Needed


Wave goodbye to the hassle of grocery shopping, meal planning, and lunch assembly. With Magic Meal School Lunches, all you need to do is open the door to find a box filled with delicious surprises – ready to be savored.

Magic Moments, Guaranteed


Witness the joy on your children's faces as they discover what delightful lunch awaits them each day. From creatively crafted main dishes to vibrant, nutrient-rich sides and healthy treats, every Magic Meal is an opportunity to make lunchtime an enchanting experience - even for the pickiest eater!


Always Nut Aware*


With so many nut allergies and schools not allowing nuts, you can rest assured that our lunches and treats don't contain nuts.

Savour Time for Yourself


By entrusting us with lunchtime, you're not just providing a treat for your kids – you're giving yourself the gift of time. Use those extra moments to recharge, pursue hobbies, or simply savour a cup of coffee in peace.

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*School lunches are made in a building that does make other foods with nuts.  Growing up with a family member with a severe nut allergy has prepared me to be very mindful around this issue, and extreme caution is taken when preparing school lunches that there is no cross-contamination, but it cannot be 100% guaranteed that there isn't a trace of nuts.

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