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  • Meal service - 5 meals x 4 portions for your freezer
  • Meal service - fresh 3-4 meals at a time
  • Meal service - once or twice a week
  • Dinner parties - 2-16 people at your home
  • Private cooking classes - showers, birthdays, family fun time with friends
  • Special Events
  • Mediterranean cuisine
  • Meal planning and advice
  • Italian cooking extravaganza in Umbria
  • Kitchen design
  • Vacation menu needs
  • Short term contracts
  • Project management for food services

Testimonials - La Dolce Vita

"It was really fabulous! I felt like I was time travelling with Julia Child who is really Judy Gifford. Your sense of humour, your energy, your creativity and your very down to earth practical tips will stay with me and in my kitchen always. The accommodation was 'story book amazing'. I love the way we moved through several recipes at once to make the most of our time in the kitchen just the way one does when preparing a meal. Your recipes were five star and absolutely delicious! I appreciated that they didn't require a lot of gadgets or long lists of ingredients. It was all about technique and blending flavours, textures and with a lovely presentation. These are recipes one can easily replicate at home and proudly serve when entertaining family and friends." -Elizabeth A


“If you have the opportunity to attend one of Chef Judy’s “La Dolce Vita” Cooking Courses in Italy….GO! I had the time of my life with Judy and the greatest group of girls last June in Todi, Umbria. I’m not sure what my favourite part was…staying at Villa San Giacomo, watching Judy turn out creation upon creation in our Umbrian kitchen or toasting the girls each night after “another hard day” wine tasting, olive oil tasting or shopping for Italian ceramics. What surprised me and delighted me the most was Chef Judy’s energy, enthusiasm and passion for all things Italian both in and out of the kitchen. Thank you Judy for the best Todi experience…and for helping to bring passion for cooking back into my life!” Cin Cin,  W.G.A.

          "Chef Judy’s La Dolce Vita Recipe   (by Jane D, 2012)

      • One airline ticket to Rome and back home
      • One girlfriend/partner or two
      • A sense of humor
      • A taste for good Italian wine and food
      • An empty suitcase for all the wonderful Italian delights Judy will introduce you to
      • Good stomach muscles for doing a lot of laughing
      • A camera for taking breath taking pictures of your surroundings and encounters during your stay
      • Gratitude to spend time with amazing Chef Judy who will entertain and teach you cooking in a spectacular Villa in the Umbrian countryside without missing a step (occasionally she misses a step and this is where the laughing comes in)
      • Two educated, thoughtful, passionate and hard working tour guides that can answer all your questions or cause laughter

Combine all the nine ingredients in a large mixing bowl for seven days or until you return home.  Generously pour them out to anyone you may encounter giving them the opportunity to indulge in this amazing meal that will be talked about for years.

Warning:   This recipe has been known to stir all your senses, bring out tremendous passion and cause you to smile from the memories when least expected.   Some people may experience lasting friendships with no allergic reactions.  YUM!!"

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Judy's Tips:
  • Have fun!
  • Learn flexibility
  • Timing is critical - write it all down ahead of time - be realistic 
  • Buy a timer - a cook's best friend 
  • Keep it simple, fresh and local as much as possible

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